Bio fermentation tank

Bio fermentation tank
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as good mass transfer and diathermancy, compact structure, good in flowing and mixing of culture medium, low energy consumption


It can completely reach high efficiencyand hygiene requirement during productive process, and realize mixing offerment liquid and dissolved-Oxygen mass transfer, and strengthen heattransfer.

Bio Fermentation tank mainly consists oftank body, mixer, baffle plate, air distributor, cooling tube (or jacket), defoamingmachine, manhole, integrated visual mirror and lamp, etc.

Technical data

Vertical structure, adopts, upper andlower oval-shaped heads, with jacket and thermal insulation.

Capacity: 0.1m3~60m3, can be designed and made asusers' demand.

Material: SS 316L or SS 304, Jacket andouter protection shell adopt SS 304 polishing or lusterless treatment.

Jacket type: full jacket, coiled type,beehive type

Thermal insulation material: pearlcotton, rock cotton filling or polyureth and foaming surface treatment: Innerand outer surface adopts mirror polishing or lusterless treatment.

Mixing system: adopts mechanical mixing device,provide excellent mechanical seal. Speed reducer and drive system are powerfuland quiet .

Mixer type: Flat blade(straightblade).Bent blade, and arrow blade are available


Productinlet and outlet, cooled liquid inlet and outlet, liquid level displayinterface, temperature sensor interface, PH gauge interface ,pressure sensorinterface, air breather interface, CIP interface, defoaming electrode interface,flow meter interface ,instrument control system.